Ask a Dentist: Can All-on-4 Replace Multiple Teeth?

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All-on-4® is an innovative way to replace multiple teeth (as much as an entire row of teeth) with only four dental implants. This reduces the cost and invasiveness of replacing multiple teeth through dental implants treatment. This review discusses treatment to help you find out if all-on-4® is right for you.

All-on-4®: everything you need to know about treatment

The following is a detailed review of all-on-4 treatment, including what it is exactly, how the treatment process works, when you should consider the restorative procedure, and how it compares with alternative options that may be available to you. We also review how you can care for your new smile with all-on-4 once treatment is complete.

All-on-4® teeth replacement defined

All-on-4 is an increasingly popular form of teeth replacement that involves four strategically positioned dental implants in the jaw, followed by the placement of a dental bridge (partial denture) or complete denture. The restoration is permanently fixed to the implants and is not removable, providing the patient with a new smile that looks, feels, and functions just like their natural set of teeth.

The all-on-4® treatment process explained

The all-on-4 treatment process has several steps. First, the patient must have enough adequate jawbone to support the implants. If they do not, then a bone graft may be necessary. The next step is to place the dental implants. This is a form of minor oral surgery, but complications are rare. After the four implants are placed and they osseointegrate with the jawbone, then the abutments and the restoration (partial denture or complete denture) are attached, completing the restoration.

When to consider all-on-4® to replace multiple teeth

All-on-4 is ideal for patients that are replacing an entire row of missing teeth. Individuals who are only replacing a small section may not need four dental implants, in which case an implant-supported bridge is a more suitable option. Keep in mind, all-on-4 is a longer treatment process as well, so the patient should be able and willing to go through a more extensive process.

All-on-4® vs. alternative teeth replacement options

The most notable alternative to all-on-4 dental implant restorations is removable complete dentures. With removable dentures, the restoration is supported by the gums and they are not permanently attached, which means they must be removed and cleaned regularly and they are not as durable and strong.

Caring for your new smile after all-on-4®

Patients are able to care for their smile after all-on-4 the same as they would with natural teeth. This includes brushing regularly, using mouthwash as recommended, and visiting the dentist for regular check-ups and cleanings.

Determine if all-on-4® is right for you during a consultation

If you are interested in learning more about all-on-4 treatment and how it can benefit you, along with comparing it with other multiple teeth replacement solutions, contact our dental office today. We can arrange a time for you to visit with us, during which we can put together a treatment plan to meet your goals and needs.

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