Are You a Candidate for Clear Aligners?

Are You a Candidate for Clear Aligners? from SmileWell Family Dentistry in Torrance, CAPatients who feel self-conscious about their smiles might want to consider getting clear aligners. The dentist can help a patient decide if they are a candidate for the treatment plan. After having the aligners for a few months, patients can once more enjoy having straight teeth. Keep reading to learn more about who the right candidate is.

Avoiding metal braces

Some patients want to have straighter teeth without needing braces, and the good news is that it is possible. The aligners are almost invisible, and it is hard for anyone to tell that someone is wearing them. Many people will not realize the patient is undergoing orthodontic treatment. That can increase someone’s self-esteem.

The importance of self-discipline

Patients can get the treatment at any age, and clear aligners are often the treatment of choice. And adults might be even better candidates for the procedure. Often, adults likely know the feeling of being embarrassed by their smile. Also, some self-discipline is necessary, and that makes adults better candidates too.

The aligners need to stay on the teeth for 22 hours or more every day. That gives the patient just enough time for eating and brushing the teeth. Without wearing the aligners enough, the patient might have a longer treatment time. It results in spending more money too.

Patients will need to be able to follow the instructions given by the dentist. An adult getting the treatment will likely be the one paying for it, not a parent. That means the adult might be more motivated to follow the dentist’s instructions. The patient will likely also receive other instructions, allowing for proper care of the aligners. For instance, the patient will need to brush the teeth often to prevent staining.

Is oral health affected by crooked teeth?

Clear aligners are not just for making the smile look better. These can also reduce a patient’s risk of gum disease and cavities. Those who have crooked teeth might have trouble flossing and brushing. That might result in oral health problems. If a patient gets decay because of crowding, it might be time to consider clear aligners.

Having bite issues

Today’s clear aligners have come a long way from the first ones. That means today’s methods can treat severe issues. Still, every patient has different needs. For severe problems, such as jaw alignment problems, metal braces might be necessary.

These can work with headgear to change the location of the jaw. But a patient might get attachments with the aligners, such as buttons or hooks. That allows more pressure to get placed on specific teeth. The hooks will enable a patient to wear rubber bands to move the teeth and even the jaw in some cases.

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Set up a consultation appointment for clear aligners

Patients interested in clear aligners can start by setting up an appointment with the dentist. That way, the dentist can see if the patient is the right candidate for the procedure. If so, the patient will be on the path toward a more beautiful smile. Plus, that makes it easier to care for the teeth.

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