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A full arch teeth replacement uses several dental implants for support. It works much like a single-tooth implant. This time, the entire dental arch gets one whole replacement. Restorations capable of restoring sets of dental arches are called implant-supported dentures. If you want to know more about getting a full arch teeth replacement with dental implants, here are the details.

Getting a full arch of dental implants

Considering full arch implants as a replacement for a whole arch of missing teeth is a good start. Removable dentures can never compare to the strength, stability, and comfort these implants can give. It is more cost-effective to replace the entire dental arch in one go than replace one or two missing teeth at a time. One arch will need fewer trips. It will also lower the total costs of teeth replacement.

Having one implant or two dental implants at a time will need a longer recovery time. Each time a dentist places a titanium rod into the jawbone, healing will take at least four to six months. This could take forever if the patient wants one implant for one tooth. Full arch implants need a shorter healing period. The dentist will place four to six dental implants in one visit. The healing process will be the same for the implants.

These restorations can last for at least five to 15 years with proper care and maintenance. Having an entire dental arch replacement allows the patient to have every tooth replacement at the same time. The patient will be less likely to come back for a tooth repair. A full arch replacement gives comfort, especially when biting or chewing. It is like using natural teeth.

Losing natural teeth will remove the dental roots. This will trigger jawbone loss since nothing stimulates the jawbone anymore. The body will not send nutrients to the jawbone for cell repair and growth. The dental implants in the full arch replacement help improve jawbone health.

The titanium rods will act as artificial roots. These will stimulate the jawbone and tell the body to send nutrients there again. This will help the jaw regain its bone mass. The implants will then have a stronger foundation over time.

Those who must get full arch implants

People with speech issues because of their removable dentures must consider full arch restorations. The unstable position of dentures makes words sound unnatural. Slurring is a common consequence. Full arch implants can help the individual achieve normal speech. More dental implants mean more stability in speaking. The patient does not need to worry about the arch slipping out or wiggling in the mouth.

Wearing denture bridges or dentures can be uncomfortable. Dentures also tend to pinch the gums. Full arch dental implants can take the discomfort away. People missing several teeth in one dental arch should have a full arch replacement. Those suffering from bruxism tend to develop dental cracks. Full arch dental implants will prevent the cracks and provide stronger dentition as well.

Benefits of full arch dental implants

Proper care and maintenance enable full arch implants to last for a long time. These restorations can last for five to 15 years. Some of them even last for many decades. This can make the individual secure in wearing them in every dental activity. Every smile, bite, chew, and pronunciation is solid. The patient does not worry that the artificial teeth will fall out.

These implants provide comfort during dental functions after complete healing and fusion. There is comfort because the dentist will place the titanium rods in areas where there are no nerves in the way. The fusion allows the rods to become one with the jawbone. The gum tissue also heals around the titanium posts.

Full arch implants also make the jawbone healthier. The jawbone then becomes stronger and more stable as the titanium rods stay longer in the jawbone. These dental restorations can also provide more support to facial structures. They provide lift to the different parts of the face. This allows the patient to have smoother, firmer skin. The patient can also look forward to fewer dental appointments with the dentist.

Having full arch dental implants can be a life-changing decision

Losing several teeth over the years can be difficult. Removable dentures and fixed bridges cannot meet your growing dental needs. Full arch dental implants can give you another chance at having good dental health. Talking to your dentist about this option will help you prepare for it.

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