Do Clear Aligners Work?

Do Clear Aligners Work? from SmileWell Family Dentistry in Torrance, CAIf you are thinking about clear aligners as a way to fix your crooked teeth, you should talk to your dentist. This professional can tell you whether you are a good candidate for the treatment. There are many differences between aligners and braces, but the goals are the same: to change your smile. You can be happy with the effects of this approach and enjoy the way your teeth look. You can also have peace of mind to know that aligners can work well and offer lots of benefits.

A brief overview

Clear aligners are plastic mouthguards that fit over a person’s teeth. The aligners are snug and secure but comfortable. After several days or a few weeks, the patient should become accustomed to the way the appliance feels. Aligners put constant pressure on the teeth, forcing the jaw to move the teeth sockets. The teeth then follow, adjusting to the proper positions in the mouth. Aligners are removable and do not take as long to straighten teeth or correct bite problems.

Getting started

Interested patients should first schedule a consultation with the dentist about getting clear aligners. The dentist will explain the process and what it entails. The patient can learn what to expect about getting aligners, wearing them, and how to maintain them. The dentist will answer any questions and address concerns at this time. There will also be a discussion about how long the treatment will last and the benefits and drawbacks of wearing aligners.

Fitting the patient with clear aligners

If the patient decides this is the right treatment to change their smile, the dentist will schedule another visit. At this appointment, the dentist will take X-rays and make impressions of the person’s mouth. These will be 3D images that a technician will take to fabricate the first set of aligners. Meanwhile, the dentist will look at the 3D model and pictures to determine the appropriate treatment plan.

The process

Clear aligners will work well if the patient follows the dentist’s instructions. Patients should wear the mouthguard for 21 to 22 hours a day. Taking it out too often will hinder the effectiveness of the treatment. It is important, however, to remove the appliance during meals.

Daily rinsing and brushing of the appliance should also occur. These activities will keep the aligners clean and in good condition. With aligners, the patient will get a new appliance every few weeks. As the teeth move, a new set of aligners will replace the old and continue to adjust the teeth. Consistent checkup appointments also allow the dentist to monitor the person’s progress.

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Teeth straightening that works

If you are worried about whether clear aligners work, rest assured that this treatment is effective. Your dentist will have the knowledge and training you can count on. If you wear the aligners as instructed, within several months, you should see results. Make an appointment today to begin this process.

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