FAQs About Clear Aligners Answered

FAQs About Clear Aligners Answered from SmileWell Family Dentistry in Torrance, CAPatients interested in a better smile might want to try clear aligners. These are clear trays that are made from a resin material, which gets shaped to the teeth. These offer a discreet method of getting a better smile. Keep reading to learn more about clear aligners.

How do clear aligners work?

The dentist will decide how to move the patient’s teeth. Using that information, the aligners can be created. Every two weeks or so, the patient will get a new tray set to replace the old ones. The teeth move a bit more with every new set. The number of trays depends on the patient’s teeth.

The aligners work based on how much force goes on the patient’s teeth. Continual pressure placed on the teeth causes changes in the bones on a cellular level, resulting in the teeth moving in the desired direction. When the aligners place force on the patient’s tooth, it causes a bit of inflammation in the tooth’s periodontal ligament. That tissue connects the bone and tooth. The inflammation causes the bone to break down in the direction the force comes from. The space behind the teeth has new bone forming in it.

Is there a difference between clear aligners and clear braces?

Sometimes, clear aligners and braces are used interchangeably, but these are two different things. The clear braces have brackets connected to the teeth and archwires. But these are made from transparent material instead of metal. Clear aligners, on the other hand, are clear trays that go over the teeth. The aligners use force to move the patients’ teeth, and these have a range of functions.

Can every patient have clear aligners?

The aligners are not the right option for everyone. As technology gets better, however, these might be useful for more treatments. These might be right for patients who do not want to have braces. Those in need of surgery might not be able to have them. Others who will not commit to wearing the aligners may also not be candidates.

What are attachments for aligners?

Some patients might need to have some attachments placed with the aligners. These keep the aligners in place better. That might also help to put more pressure on a specific tooth. They are not always on the teeth for the entire treatment.

These can be annoying at times. They click into place with the aligners in specific locations to help them fit better. That means patients will need to take care when placing the trays in the mouth. Some patients feel that the attachments can irritate the mouth when the trays are out.

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Choose the right clear aligners provider today

Patients who are interested in using clear aligners should make an appointment with the dentist. That way, it will be possible to determine who is the right candidate. The dentist will do an oral exam to see if clear aligners are suitable for the patient. Making an appointment today is the first step toward a better smile.

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