What is TeethXpress®?

Teethxpress Torrance, CA

TeethXpress® is a system that adopts dental implants for holding a denture on the jaw. TeethXpress is like all-on-4 or “teeth in a day,” but more implants are needed to hold the dentures. All over the world, implant-supported dentures have become the preferred option for restoring multiple lost teeth on the jaw. They offer more durability, effectiveness, and the feeling is almost like having a natural set of teeth. TeethXpress can give patients secure, beautiful teeth in a day without the hassle often experienced with other restorations.

Who needs TeethXpress?

An ideal candidate is someone who has lost some or all of the teeth on a dental arch. Essentially, patients who are about to have all the teeth on an arch removed and may need to get full dentures will benefit immensely from this option. After the initial examination and consultation, the dentist will be able to tell if the patient is suitable for the procedure.

Patients who already have dentures or have lost many teeth can get a lasting and functional solution with TeethXpress. The option can help solve most of the problems faced by denture wearers such as restricted diet options, loose-fitting dentures, repeated use of denture adhesives, shrinking of the jawbones, and recurrent trips to the dentist for adjustments. The implants used in TeethXpress attached the dentures securely to the bone to make the dentures function like the natural teeth.

How It Works

Until recently, many people who had suffered severe jawbone loss were ineligible for implant-based teeth restorations, because implants need a certain level of bone mass for stability. The TeethXpress system adopts uniquely designed dental implants that are available in different sizes and shapes. This makes them adaptable for varying levels of bone mass, and completely eliminates the need for bone grafts for most people.

After a complete diagnostic analysis of the jaw, the dentist or oral surgeon will insert four to eight implants on each arch. They will select the precise size and shape of the implants that will be most effective, based on the bone mass. Since bone grafting is mostly unnecessary, this system has simplified the process of getting implant-supported restorations for faster results, efficiency, and more affordability.

The dentist may work with other dental experts who specialize in fabricating dental restorations to produce a high-quality temporary or permanent set of teeth. TeethXpress is created to be a quick solution so that patients can walk out of the dental office on the same day with a set of natural-looking teeth secured by implants. In some cases, the dentist may need to delay attaching a permanent set of teeth to the implants, but temporary options will be provided.

Final note

After the implants have fully healed, the restorative dentist will fix the final replacement teeth. The new teeth will be comfortable, have a natural appearance, look beautiful, and possess the same strength and functionality of natural teeth. With TeethXpress, patients will once again be able to eat the foods they want, speak, and interact socially with new-found confidence.

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